Vacation Time!!!

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Asia Soleil at the South of Lima Peru

         Apartment for Rent. Located  less than a mile from Asia Boulevard.

Lima - Peru.

     The  Asia Soleil Condominium, is located just three blocks

         from  the   Asia   Boulevard   at   the   South   of  Lima, Peru,

         overlook the Pacific Ocean.

        Is a quiet place with multiple service areas, such as swimming

        pool  for  adults  and  children, playground, gym, and  parking



        The  apartment  it's  full furnished  with  dining  room, kitchen,

        two bedrooms  and  two  bathrooms, laundry and bbq area.

        Rent by season:

        Summer season  (January 3 to March 5)                    US  $ 4,000
        Monthly Season                                                        US  $ 2,000
        New Year Season (December 27, to January 2           US  $    700 
        Weekend Season  (No holiday season)                      US  $    400